Activities / Clubs

Art Club – Joni Tolford

Art Club will be offered to students in grades 3-5 who are interested in learning techniques in drawing, painting and mix media art projects. Art Club can help students expand their creativity and will be helpful for students who want to enhance their art-making skills. Art Club offers individual projects where students can choose the materials and media that they prefer to work with, such as paint, pastels, pencil, or watercolor.

Bucket Drums – Jennette Ruszkowski

consist of non-auditioned 5th grade students, in which they learn a unique style of drumming. Although our team is based on 5-gallon buckets, it is my goal to grow and introduce other "found" sounds to build our ensemble. They learn teambuilding skills through various rehearsal activities. They learn basic concepts such as keeping a steady beat, different rhythm and drumming patterns, as well as developing proper techniques to perform their best. Performances may be live or recorded, and hopefully we'll be able to perform out in our community.

Choir – Jennette Ruszkowski

consists of non-auditioned 4th and 5th grade students, in which they learn to sing and how to work as a team to make their ensemble the best it can be. In rehearsals, they learn two-part harmony using age-appropriate music. They are taught techniques on how to sing safely without damaging their young voices. Through live or possibly recorded performances, they gain self-confidence and a well-balanced educational experience. We usually have a Winter and Spring concert each year. Our goal is to also perform as an outreach within Lee County.

Hockey – Kyla Sanders

Students will learn the rules and game of hockey. They will learn how to stickhandle, pass, and shoot.

Kidterest – Melissa Vicens-Nieves

Kidterest is one of the longest-running after school clubs at Skyline Elementary. It is a craft club designed for students in grades K-2 that allows them to explore their artistic abilities and create crafts using various materials. Kidterest helps students express themselves through their art and gives them control of their creations. Students are taught different techniques and methods to use on their own and are able to practice first-hand as they venture into the world of crafting.

tigerfilms – Jhonathan Taveras

A Skyline original team with the purpose of creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the betterment of students everywhere. They will learn different parts of cinematography as well as basic editing in order to create the PSA. Using what they learn they will be able to create unique projects that they can submit for the annual Lee County Film and Television Festival.

Yoga – Lori Bostic / Mary Belfi

Kindergarten & first-grade students are invited to practice "kids yoga" for stress relief and calming with 2 Kindergarten teachers.